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Arturo Garduño-Magaña

Open Grant Reviewers Program Manager & Trainer,


In his role, Arturo focuses on formalizing the interventions related to the grant review process, including but not limited to the recruitment, training, and retention of the grant reviewing pool. He also helps to develop portable materials and resources to train socially-conscious grant reviewers and program staff.


Arturo has a wide range of experience in the space of open science advocacy and community of practice. Over the past few years, Arturo acted as Deputy Director of Open Science Repositories at the National Council for Science and Technology of Mexico, where he managed a portfolio of 108 projects to raise open science capacities in over a hundred universities and research institutions, building a community of researchers, specialists, and developers engaged to foster open practices. Arturo has been active in the SPARC’s OpenCon community, and deeply understands the importance of framing openness around equity, diversity, and inclusion practices.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Studies from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and is currently finishing his master’s degree in the same discipline at the Library Science and Information Research Institute, UNAM.

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