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An open repository of Bioinformatics training resources for the Spanish-speaking community

Lucía Beatriz Chemes; Georgina Stegmayer; and Sebastian Fernandez Alberti


The Argentine Association for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (A2B2C) is set to develop an open repository to house a vast array of existing and future Bioinformatics training resources, aimed at supporting Spanish-speaking educators and learners within the A2B2C community and its partner institutions. The project unfolds in several phases: In the initial two months, A2B2C members will develop and publish guidelines and templates to facilitate the transition of Bioinformatics courses to open scholarship practices, ensuring content is relevant, accessible, and in line with FAIR data principles. Following this, within the first four months, the creation of a user-friendly public online platform on the A2B2C website will serve as a centralized repository for all Spanish training materials.

The subsequent phase, spanning months four to nine, involves adapting existing courses to these new guidelines and publishing them in the repository, with the commitment of at least ten researchers and professors from partner institutions. The goal is to have at least four courses available in the repository, encompassing diverse Bioinformatics topics and complying with open scholarship standards. Finally, in the last three months of the project, three new courses adhering to these guidelines will be implemented and taught to over 20 students each, further enriching the repository's offerings.

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