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Open Access for Research and Development (OA4R&D)

Mutiat O. Mohammed; Ayo Salami; Sadiat A. Salau; and Nafisat O. Lawal


Summit University, Offa's Library Services aims to establish an Open Scholarship Infrastructure to promote open access to knowledge and information within the university community. This initiative also seeks to enhance collaborative research and community engagement with other members of the Consortium of Universities in Kwara State, Nigeria (KU8).

The project's specific objectives include conducting three training programs within two months to educate and advocate for open-access principles among faculty members and students. Within three months, the library plans to develop and validate an institutional policy on Open Access, mandating that all new research outputs adhere to open access principles.

Furthermore, the library will develop a public online repository over eight months. This repository will curate and organize research outputs, including student projects, journal articles, research data, conference papers, and posters. It will also house academic resources like open textbooks and lecture notes and outputs from community engagement initiatives such as public lecture slides, training materials, communiques, and grant reports. The goal is to facilitate easy access and sharing of these materials.

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