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Towards Understanding the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science to Drive Open Science Adoption in Higher Educational Institutions in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Idowu Adegbilero-Iwari


This proposal aims to raise awareness and understanding of open science among librarians in higher educational institutions (HEIs) in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The primary method for this is an expository symposium on the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science, supplemented by targeted capacity-building workshops. The project focuses on librarians in polytechnics and colleges of education, who are often marginalized in research-related discussions. The goals include presenting and critically evaluating the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science, which has yet to be widely discussed in Nigeria, particularly among academic circles. The project also seeks insights for developing institutional open science policy frameworks. A key outcome is the formation of the Ekiti Open Science Champions Forum, which encourages librarians to lead open science practices in their institutions. Additionally, the plan includes conducting three tailored workshops for different HEI categories—universities, polytechnics, and higher education colleges—addressing their specific needs in open science practices and infrastructure, involving a broader audience of researchers, students, and administrators.

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