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Training for open science and reproducible research in the sciences

Alex Aromin, and Yue Liu

United States

This project aims to foster a community among graduate and undergraduate students centered on practicing open science. Utilizing a journal club format, monthly meetings will be held to introduce and apply the concept of reproducibility using open data, methodologies, and sources. The initiative involves discussing current literature and practicing programming skills in open-source software like R and Python to replicate study results.

Key objectives include exposing students to open science, enhancing programming abilities, and building a community for literature discussion. The meetings will focus on reading and reproducing methods from papers that exemplify open science, particularly those using reusable data and documents. The goal is to produce graphs and results similar to those discussed, emphasizing the practical aspect of open science.

Funding is sought for food, beverages, class materials, and advertising. Additionally, the project plans to conduct interviews or questionnaires with attendees to assess the impact of these open science practices on their research habits and attitudes, aiming to understand cultural shifts and the implications of adopting open science in the academic environment.

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