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The Open & Equitable Model Funding Program seeks to make both the process of grantmaking and the resulting research outputs more transparent, equitable, and inclusive.

Central to the success of the program is a funder cohort to co-create and actively test interventions in the field. This cohort engages with the Working Group to hone and tailor the model program to their communities. Using this community of practice model, the participants learn from each other and develop a shared set of results that will continue to inform and improve the model program. 

Meet the philanthropies in our first funders cohort and their participating funding programs.

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Participating Program:

Lorelle Espinosa, Program Director, Higher Education; and

Tyler Hallmark, Program Associate, Higher Education.

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Participating Programs:

Margaret Flowers, Managing Director, Research Program; and

Dorraya El-Ashry, Chief Scientific Officer

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Participating Programs:

Tammy Collins, Program Officer, Career Awards at the Scientific Interface and Innovation in Regulatory Science Awards


Participating Programs:

Caren Heller,  Chief Scientific Officer; Mary Harkins-Schwarz, Director, Health Services Research; and Orlando Green, Associate Director, Grants & Contracts, Research

Participating Programs:


Stella Galaviz. Senior Program Manager; Juliet Gomez, Program Manager; and  Mary O'Reilly,  Vice President, Bioscience Research Programs


Participating Programs:

Liz Jackson, Sr. Specialist, Grants and Scholarships

Participating Programs:


Adam Jones. Program Officer, Science; Cathy Mader. Program Officer, Science; Amalia Fernandez Panella, Program Officer, Science; and Yaw Agyeman, Adaptive Management and Evaluation Officer

Participating Program:


Angela DeBarger, Program Officer

Participating Program:


Jackie Hausman, Program Officer; and Laura Wilson, Director of Health Strategies & Ventures

Participating Program:


Fatu Badiane Markey, Science Programs Officer

Participating Program:


Kristin Eldon Whylly, Sr. Program Manager &

Lead in Change Management

From the manner in which a funding program is designed through to the ways the research it generates is disseminated, the entire grantmaking life cycle can be rendered more equitable, transparent, and inclusive.  Our program seeks to implement specific interventions that can be made at each stage of the process. 


Take a look at them and let us know what you think. We welcome your input. 

This program is generously funded by:


This program is also supported by:

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