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“Get That Published!” : Supporting Graduate Students’ Journey to Publishing Open Research

Virginia (Nia) Smercina; Nicole Thomas; Amanda Koziura; and Katherine Freund

United States

This project aims to support graduate students in publishing their research in reputable open access venues by the end of the 2023-2024 academic year, thereby increasing awareness and submissions to open venues. Key objectives include fostering a community through a writing group and peer-editing cohort for those interested in open access publishing. The project will educate students about open research, the advantages of publishing in open access venues, and how this aligns with upcoming federal public access mandates, enhancing the reach of their work.

Additionally, the project provides tools to identify reputable open access journals and offers training through workshops and programs to enhance students' research and writing skills. Another significant goal is to assist students in successfully submitting their scholarly work to an open access journal of their choice by the end of the academic year. Furthermore, the initiative aims to equip students with skills to measure and communicate the impact of their work, preparing them for future career success.

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