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Citizen Science Portal at the Federal Universities of Rio Grande do Sul

Fabiano Couto Corrêa da Silva; Larissa Weber Umpierre; Amanda Santos Witt; Lucas George Wendt; Ana Paula Sehn; and Michele Krieger Bohnert


This proposal outlines a three-part initiative to enhance citizen science engagement in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The first step involves creating a digital platform for federal universities in the state, designed to centralize and showcase Citizen Science projects. This platform will be user-friendly, accessible to both academics and the general public, and will feature an optimized search function, project categorization, multilingual support, and mobile device adaptability.

The second objective focuses on promoting public participation in scientific data collection and analysis. The platform will offer tools and tutorials to guide citizens in accurately collecting and submitting data, as well as feedback mechanisms to demonstrate the real-world impact of their contributions. This approach aims to encourage active citizen involvement in scientific processes and highlight their crucial role in citizen science.

Lastly, the proposal seeks to strengthen the ties between citizens, universities, and research laboratories. The platform will serve as a virtual hub for facilitating communication and collaboration. It will host events, webinars, and discussion forums, fostering direct interaction and mutual learning. This will ensure that the science produced is relevant and responsive to societal needs, bridging the gap between academic research and community insights.

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