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Metadata Management: Enhancing Reserach Quality Throughout Specialized Seminars

Jemal Abate


This proposal aims to enhance open scholarship practices by offering specialized seminars in metadata management to researchers. The primary goal is to improve the quality of open research outputs. The specific objectives include:

Increasing Awareness and Understanding: The project targets to ensure that at least 80% of the participating researchers gain a better awareness and understanding of metadata's importance in research by the project's end.

Skill Development: It aims for at least 90% of seminar attendees to acquire practical skills in metadata creation, curation, and utilization within six months, with progress measured via pre- and post-seminar assessments.

Impact Assessment: The initiative will evaluate the impact of enhanced metadata management on research integrity and quality. This will involve reviewing research outputs within a year post-seminars, aiming for a minimum 20% increase in the adoption of improved metadata practices among participants.

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