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Open Science: Greater Reach for Research

Roshan Kumar Karn


This project aims to foster an open research culture in Nepal by advocating for open scholarship and conducting training and grassroots campaigns. The initiative seeks to embed open scholarship principles into existing academic policies and practices by targeting students, teachers, researchers, faculty members from various fields, and government officials. The project's objectives include: disseminating knowledge about open scholarship; involving Nepal's scholarly community in open practices; advocating for these practices nationwide.

A key aspect of the project is facilitating interaction between librarians and students, discussing Nepal's literary policies, and developing an open scholarship policy framework that complements existing practices. This initiative also plans to orient students and researchers nationwide about open resources and access to scholarly articles. Training sessions will be provided on open publishing, access repositories, and institutional repositories.

The project aims to build a robust open community for knowledge exchange and capacity building. Including government officials and policy advisors in seminars, workshops, and training sessions is crucial for establishing long-term and sustainable open scholarship policies in Nepal's institutions.

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