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SciPublink: Establishing a community of open scholarly publishing in India

Priya, and Shivarama Rao K


The proposed project aims to establish a scholarly community united by a shared interest in advancing open access and open science. Central to this initiative is the training of community members about the fundamental principles and practical aspects of open-access publishing. The project seeks to deepen understanding of various open access models, such as gold, green, and hybrid, assisting members in making informed decisions suited to their publication goals.

Additionally, the project will focus on familiarizing participants with open public licensing, particularly emphasizing Creative Commons licenses. Practical training in using open publishing platforms, specifically the Open Journal System (OJS), is another key aspect. This will cover installation, journal setup, submission management, peer review, and content publication.

Emphasis will also be placed on maintaining high editorial and ethical standards in open-access publishing. This includes instilling robust peer review processes and adherence to ethical guidelines. Guiding members on getting their journals indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is another goal, aimed at enhancing discoverability and credibility.

Finally, the project will foster collaboration and networking within the community, enabling connections with like-minded individuals, researchers, editors, and publishers from various backgrounds. Empowering members to become advocates for open scholarly publishing within their institutions and communities is a crucial outcome of this initiative.

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